Saturday, June 1, 2013


The Summer Staple Sangria. That ever so popular warm-weather brunch juice is all to often an adulterated jug wine sold at $7 a pop for a 6 ounce glass already full of 2 ounces of ice. We now shall show you how to pull this off properly and have it ready for the next time you bring home some pre-licked hepatitis Taco Bell.

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Sangria really is a racket.  Places take wine which has sat out for too long, add some crap to it and then sell it at $7 for a 6 ounce glass that already has 2 ounces of ice in it.  This bullcrap ends now!

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There are too many red wines to name that will totally work for this.  From Hungarian Bull's Blood to California Mass-Market.  The Sangiovese you see here was picked at a price of $5 (well 2 for $10) from Best Buy Wine and Spirits in Brooklyn.

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You don't need to slice the apple as thin as the other stuff.  But core it so that the seeds don't come loose and float around in there.

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You can obviously add more or less depending on how you like it. 

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This is a really important step.  While the restaurant stuff is maybe an hour old and adulterated with grenadine or Hawaiian Punch (seriously I've seen this happen), this will be the real deal, and the one thing you can't do is try to hurry it up.

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Seriously, the fruit has given up all it's gonna give, and ice cubes will just splash into your glass and send little drops out to stain your shirt.  Just avoid them.

 photo SAN014_zps146a4ca4.jpg

What you see here is Strawberry Jarritos, Doc's Draft Cider (much better than the overly sweet candy sticky JK Scrumpy yuckieness from Michigan), Risata Moscato d'Asti, and plain seltzer.

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Sit back relax and enjoy.  Stick it in a fruit punch bottle and no one is gonna give you shit for drinking this in the park.

Next Time:
We take a trip to King's County Distillery

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