Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swiss Lemonade

OK, so in the dead of winter, the one thing you want is a nice cold tropical drink right? Damn right so shut up and read on about Suisse Lemonada, which is neither Swiss nor contains lemon anything. Yes, the cake is a lie, and so is this drink... but it's also real and you can make it and stuff. It's a Brizilian drink from Brazil.


If you're insane, you could use gin, rum, or vodka istead of water, but it's a waste since some will get left behind in the straining prosess coming up.


Short and sweet, but it can open up a world of possibilities here. This is one that your tea total friends can enjoy as well, since it's hooch-free in its pure form and you can add or not add anything you choose to the level of taste you like.
Also FYI, limes don't has as much vitimin C as Broccoli, but you probably don't want to try this with Broccoli.

Like OMG, two consecutive posts for the tea-total temperance twats? What's the world coming to? Well don't worry, we're on it. So come see us next time for ...something with booze in it or whatever.


See there ya go, the Pinky Street Mixology girls take on wine.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


So an actual drink that's ok for you tea totaling pansies out there.



Eggcreams can also be made in Vanilla flavor.

The end of this one folks.

Stay tuned for the next wacky episode: Swiss Lemonade:


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harvey Wallbanger

Ok this should have been posted back in summer, ... and it's late because... because.... fuck you, that' why.


That's about 2oz. in there just so you know.




And the next episode is already made, so it will be up. Yes, it shall.

The Eggcream


Monday, September 6, 2010

Know your stuff: Beers of Brooklyn Brewery

A Pinky hipster explains why knowing what you're doing when ordering a beer in public is just a smug-tastic as whipping out your iphone at Barcade to check your twi-square-book-mail to see if your screenplay got picked up by IFC.

FYI if you're wondering why things are spelled the way they are... well then you try drinking 105 ounces (that's 3,105 ml) of beer over an hour and see how well you do... the word... typing things on the magical ...scrabble buttons.... 0_- *huck. Also FYI this was actually made several years ago, but I believe all of these products should still be available, should you care to try them out, but I wouldn't reccomend trying them out all at once.











Not featured: Brooklyn Local 1, Belgian style ale. It's good though.

By the way... IFC read your screen play. They've filed a restraining order.

Brooklyn Brewery, Barcade, Beer Advocate, Welsh Rabbit makins'.

Up Next: The Harvey Wallbanger


Saturday, August 7, 2010


It's Martini Time.

Following the wisdom of the great Reverend Horton Heat, we bring you a look into the quintessential cocktail of the twentieth century, (and the breakfast of champions) The Martini. 

First we're going to lay down some rules.  The Martini is made from Gin.  There's no such thing as a "vodka martini" ok?  That's just vodka in a fancy glass with an olive in it.  Also, martinis shouldn't be shaken.  You ever wonder why 007 actually had to say "shaken, not stirred"?  Because you always stir a martini and so ordering a drink like that is something that no one did.  It was not a sophisticated thing to do... in fact it would be like walking into Le Cirque and asking for a fucking cheeseburger and a Colt 45.  You know why 007 did it?  It was so that he could walk into a public place and do something no one else would ever do, so that the contact he was meeting would instant know "ok that's the spy I'm supposed to be meeting here" while everyone else would just say "what a moron" and then ignore the shit out of him for the rest of the night.  So to recap, vodka and shaking belong at the strip club, so leave them out of this.

That being said, we don't really have a problem with adding "-tini" to a drink name.  It's apple-tini not apple martini.

 photo MAR01_zpsb9bd3b94.jpg

 photo MAR02_zpse157d9d0.jpg

 photo MAR03_zpsd04da3d4.jpg

We've noticed that Citidelle Gin is a very nice Gin with the primary notes of juniper and then all the other stuff.  This Gin is extremely versatile and is something we like for using in gin cocktails that we haven't tried before. 

 photo MAR04_zps446ec284.jpg

 photo MAR05_zpsf4bbe750.jpg

 photo MAR06_zps78902820.jpg

 photo MAR07_zpsab12a8ed.jpg

We know we shit on crappy vermouth, and this is one of them.  The thing is, we were more or less broke at the time, this was made late at night and we didn't feel like going out again, and you can tell by the old label that this was back in like 2005, so... yeah that's our excuse for using Martini & Rossi and not Dolin or whatever.

 photo MAR08_zps1124ef97.jpg

Ice Ice Baby:
The right ice is just as important as the right gin in a martini.  You should use water that you would never have a problem with just drinking by itself.  If your sink produces absolute nastyness, then you don't have to grab some expensive bullcrap water, but rather just get some distilled water.  Stores sell this by the gallon for low prices, and it won't add any off-balance flavors to this.

 photo MAR09_zpsd14fde20.jpg

 photo MAR10_zps12745453.jpg

 photo MAR11_zps7763a1ee.jpg

When the ingredients are clear, shaking it hard will cloud it up and make it look bad.  Remember when we said that no one normally shakes these things?  Well that's why.  Just swirl it around really fast or something.

 photo MAR12_zpsbfc03046.jpg

 photo MAR13_zpsc89e4ea9.jpg

 photo MAR14_zps80394cfb.jpg

 photo MAR15_zps47366b96.jpg

 photo MAR16_zps57d1e8ab.jpg

 photo MAR17_zps4c41a72e.jpg

 photo MAR18_zps183322f2.jpg

 photo MAR19_zps0806fed9.jpg

 photo MAR20_zps6c6c75c8.jpg

 photo MAR21_zpsa2b6a5dd.jpg

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coffee (the right way)

Coffee = good.










Yeah it's old, but the info is still valid.

After reading this, here is where you should buy coffee. No, not a place that's *like* this one, THIS EXACT PLACE. This piece was made using French-Roast Guatemala Antigua beans.

NEXT EPISODE: Martini Time