Monday, February 7, 2011

The Daiquiri

With most of AMerica covered in snow, what better to lay back with than a nice ice cold daiquiri. No not some neuvo fi-fi frozen piece of crap you get at TGI-fucktards. No, this is the real deal shabang. So go make a few and have them with your breakfast so you can feel like you're in an episode of Mad Men, as Asuka Langly guest stars in "The Daiquiri."

pinky street cocktail Daiquiri 1

Yes, the Nigerian scammer video thing actually happened.

pinky street cocktail Daiquiri 2

pinky street cocktail Daiquiri 4

pinky street cocktail Daiquiri 5
That Asuka, guess she's a mean drunk.

Behold, the making of the Daiquiri and the concequences that can follow. You either end up like Hemingway, or end up like Hemingway. Either way, be careful when jailbait gets ahold of these things.

See you next time for MULLED CIDER.

Mulled Apple Cider and Pinky Street give you a warming relief this winter.