Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swiss Lemonade

OK, so in the dead of winter, the one thing you want is a nice cold tropical drink right? Damn right so shut up and read on about Suisse Lemonada, which is neither Swiss nor contains lemon anything. Yes, the cake is a lie, and so is this drink... but it's also real and you can make it and stuff. It's a Brizilian drink from Brazil.


If you're insane, you could use gin, rum, or vodka istead of water, but it's a waste since some will get left behind in the straining prosess coming up.


Short and sweet, but it can open up a world of possibilities here. This is one that your tea total friends can enjoy as well, since it's hooch-free in its pure form and you can add or not add anything you choose to the level of taste you like.
Also FYI, limes don't has as much vitimin C as Broccoli, but you probably don't want to try this with Broccoli.

Like OMG, two consecutive posts for the tea-total temperance twats? What's the world coming to? Well don't worry, we're on it. So come see us next time for ...something with booze in it or whatever.


See there ya go, the Pinky Street Mixology girls take on wine.