Friday, January 7, 2011

Know your stuff: The best Wine and what it's bottled in. Corks vs screw tops.

OK, Lindsey Lohan crazy straw wine in a box aside, wine has always been seen as something snooty. If you have to feel all Hipster Ironic and drink something from the bottom of the food chain, you can always remind yourself that during Ancient Rome and Egypt, wine was the drink of choice of the kind of class of people that you pretend to be in touch with.

But some people still think that a screw top instantly means it's Night Train or Ripple. Is this still true? Only the anime firgures of Pinky Street can tell us.

This was before we discovered wine in a tetrapack.

Based on a true story.

All corks pictured are synthetic corks.
Wines Pictured: 2004 Yarraman Estate Hell Raiser Cab Merlot Blend (Australia), and 2005 Sacha Lichine le Coq Rouge Vin de Pays d’Oc (France). Both found for a very good price at Heights Chateau (in 2007). And BOTH use screw-tops.

Pinky Wine
Corked wine = bad.
Now you can feel free to enjoy sophistimucated wine even if it doesn't go pop with a cork like in dem picture shows. And screw tops are great for when you are taking pulls @ work and you gotta throw the bottle back in it's horizontal hiding place before the boss comes in for the first time all day at 2pm high on coke, asking if his 3 pending secxual harrassment lawsuits have progressed any... ...'scuse me, I gotta unscrew enough tops to not care about life anymore.

Next Up: The Daiquiri