Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sriracha Lemonade (with Sriracha lemon cocktail).

So you'd expect the internet to be full of Sriracha Lemonade recipes and other things like it, since it's all popular and such.  But the vacuum of such a thing within the interwebs seems to stand like a monument to the laziness of hipsterism, which is passively waiting for someone to come up with something original so that they can instagram it to people they've never actually been in the same zip code with.  Seriously, there seems to be bupkis out there on the subject of making sriracha lemonade.

So to you, the public, we bring the step by step process of coming up with said Sriracha Lemonade.  Like many beverages we bring you here at Pinky Mixology, there is an optional booze component.  I'm sure you know which option we're going to be choosing.
Check out our BONUS MINI EPISODE:  Sriracha Lynchburg Lemonade. Up on our Tumblr.

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Again, the vodka is optional, and it's not necessary to use a high priced one, since we're just using it to extract flavors from the basil leaves.

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We recommend using any brand of sriracha that is a complete puree, and not chunky with seeds in it.  This should be obvious, but you don't want little chunks of stuff floating around in there.

And yes, the rooster is white not red.  Seriously look at the thing.  Take an empty bottle and fill it with diet coke or pickle relish and that rooster is still gonna be white. 

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We're going to make a bunch of this but it's much easier to make about 800-900ml and then split it up into smaller portions rather than try to make tiny amounts individually at once.  As always, amounts of sugar and other things will always be subject to individual tastes.

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Vodka really works best for this, but some people just don't want it in there, so feel free to be experimental.  Ya know like... with imitation coconut extract or whatever.

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It really should go without saying that it's best to strain out the basil leaves and lemon seeds and what-have-you out of this.  But here we are saying it anyway.

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If you're a big fan of sriracha, we recommend adding a bit less than you think you will need.  This is because we're trying to make something that has a sriracha component which plays off the other components in this, and doesn't take center stage leaving no room for anything else.  You can always add more later, but once it's in there it doesn't come out.

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It's very important to note that the shaking is necessarry and should always be done before you add anything carbonated to this (obviously).  That's why a mason jar is a great vessel to use, since it's its own shaker (when you have a lid).

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There you have it.  Sriracha Lemonade, which can be made with or without alcohol.  Additionally we have wondered what it would be like using limes and cilantro instead of lemons and basil, so if anyone does that let us know.  

Adding iced tea to make a spicy version of an Arlold Palmer is really nice also! 

But what about if you're sitting at the adults table...?  Well we can't be drinking out of mason jars with silly straws now can we?  So:

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Using that lemon-basil sriracha as a base, you can get very creative and use just about any spirits or combination thereof, to make great variations on your favorite drinks, or try something totally new. Sky's the limit (Kahlua or Jagermeister would probably be gross though).

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While it's true that alcohol can sometimes negate the potency of the Capsaicin in hot sauce/spicy things, you'll still feel the warmth and bite of that oh so familiar sriracha that even us non-hipster mundanes have come to enjoy. 

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Check out our BONUS MINI EPISODE:  Sriracha Lynchburg Lemonade. Up on our Tumblr

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