Monday, July 1, 2013

Moonshine Mojito

Our interwebs are back and we now bring you a look into Kings County Distillery here in Brooklyn and give you an idea what to do with the moonshine they (and a gazillion other places) make and such.

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Moonshine, friend of mine.  Corn-water is some interesting stuff and is now being sold legally in just about any place where you can get booze. 

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Taking out the rum in a mojito kind of stops it from being a mojito, but since the mint julep already exists, the transparent quality of the end product puts this in "mojito" land.

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It's illegal to make your own moonshine at home if you're in the USA.  We at Pinky Mixology honestly don't give a fuck about this, but most of the time it's easier for us to just go buy it.  Also, distilling your alcohol can be dangerous, risking everything from fires to accidentally poisoning yourself with acetone.

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Although their Chocolate Whiskey is rather nice, the retardulatastic high prices Kings County Distillery charges make using this stuff basically not worth it.  Buffalo Trace makes an un-aged corn whiskey ...which is horrible for this because it's got rye in it, and Tuthilltown's Hudson Valley has one that's really nice, but again for many people the price puts it out of reach, and they have just as much chance of being able to match what Eliot Spitzer had to fork out for access to Ashley Dupré's vajayjay.

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3 shots of moonshine sounds like a lot, but we're filling up a 500+ml mason jar with this thing, not some little highball glass.

 photo MSM014b_zps9f8269d6.jpg

The color is actually coming from the chlorophyll in the leaves but that's a good barometer to go by.

 photo MSM016_zpscb39e433.jpg

No reason to have the mint bits in there anymore. 

 photo MSM017_zpsde294bd2.jpg

 photo MSM018_zps8651d700.jpg

Do NOT shake it after you add the seltzer/soda (for obvious reasons).  Shaking not only mixes this up but also cools it down very rapidly.

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Get out there and enjoy summer.

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