Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cape Fear Punch

Punch.  An underrated workhorse of the American party-time gathering, punch gave way to the cocktail after prohibition ...ruined literally everything.

In a quest to allow you to hold your own gatherings of pomp, circumstance, and total awesomeness, we bring you one of the most classic punch recipes in America, the punch of the Cape Fear Club.

Also,  Photobucket has turned into a total suckfest, causing massive delays in how fast we can get new posts up.  We won't bother complaining to them, because we don't pay them.  Rather we'll just sigh up to another site, then pay them, then tell photobucket that we're paying another site to host our images.   Until then, enjoy our take on Cape Fear Punch.

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It takes almost half a day to brew enough tea, cool it down, and store it away to have ready for this punch.  We will forgive you for buying the stuff in a jug.

 photo CFP009_zpse7e270c3.jpg

Don't spend more than $10 on the wine.  It's going in punch... Le terroirs really doesn't matter a whole lot.

 photo CFP010_zps087b1299.jpg

This is one where you just want a good old golden rum, aged a bit but not something huge.

 photo CFP011_zps0b168b93.jpg

Mason Jars.  Is there nothing booze-related they can't do?

 photo CFP012_zps8344c5a0.jpg

 photo CFP013_zpsa2c5fa18.jpg

 photo CFP014_zps41090f1a.jpg

Yeah, we really don't own a punchbowl or anything like that.  The only time we pulled it off was with the watermelon thing.

Stay tuned for Summer Sangria.

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With photobucket also having crossed the line into total suck, it makes sense to migrate.