Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Photobucket fucked us

Seems as though Photobucket has decided to fuck us over.  See, we started this in 2004 on Xanga (for any dank-meme literate out there, just FYI we're not Asian though), and needed hosting and then there was Photobucket.   Well Photobucket turned into Photo-suck-it (see what I did there?) and now messed the whole thing up.

The bad news is we gonna be down for a while.

The good news is that:
A) 100% of our images are locally backed up with us, so nothing is being held hostage by those goons.
B) We just got out of court ordered rehab so we can start drinking again and will be back with more content sometime in the future somewhere else.

The other bad or good news is that it's gonna be totally different.  See, using other copyrighted toys to make these adult beverage oriented little adventures isn't something that is going to let us move forward, nobody is telling us to stop, but it can hold you down like a boat anchor when it comes to sponsorship and stuff.  So we're going to start doing our own original characters and using video as well.  Not sure how that's gonna work but we'll think of something.

Until then, take care ya dorks!

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